I want to find myself mesmerized, Be a little creepy and hypnotized, It’s what I want and wake up my law to say never mind… My dreams were about apology, Like history without chronology, But I stayed strong in hindsight I can tell you never mind… Close your eyes don’t watch me, never mind, never […]

The World is Crying

This field is bad place to communicate, Cause wind blew all words away, This world is simply unfriendly to fate, For no explicable reason why, For now stopwatches are activate, Cause time is relative and don’t want wait, Nature cannot go on holiday, however every people are up late. People make the whole word cry […]

Need Your Passion

I need your passion, real connection, every minute, you are necessary ration, give me your heart, it’s love at first sight, nothing separates us, I feel attraction. I need your passion, sweet connection, today, don’t resist to temptation, You are my soulmate, I need measure heart rate, don’t resist me, I feel satisfaction. So for […]


If you want to be the showmen, If you want to fulfill dreams, You have to drop abdomen, Care about your face by creams, If you want to touch the stars, If you want to be like me, There’s absolutely no chance, So let it be… Let it be… Let it be… Bang bang bang, […]


It’s so sad that it’s not good even today, you probably want to drive me into insane, Some silly said that your curse will end this day, but it’s a time to do same thing again – again. You don’t need live in dread of demon control, follow your heart and make change your time […]


Tell me what direction do you choose or tell me bye bye, I’m flying into a rage and everyone is stuck, If you want to be proud of yourself, if you want to fly, To be honest this work will be really fuck… Find… Yourself… Difficult way, free yourself from memory, Difficult way, try this […]

Little Boy

Wait… My little friend, we overcome fear, and we’ve teamed up, with our blood, My little friend, we overcome war, but in this moment I can’t do anymore… That’s time to give up, before it’s too late, no time for regret, at an alarming rate, before you forget, try to take me, we were best […]

New Life

I’ve never seen some lonely face, I would like to birth in other place, money money and what is next, money and after maybe sex. what’s the real, follow temptation, better life is imagination, pray to god, pay to government, pay to church, where is the end… I’m looking for some new place, place where […]

Seven Sins

You think twice about it again, Without lights in the Dante’s Hell Life is cruel but you die in vain, Seven Deadly sins in the end, Tell me why and give me bye, You lose everything what you want, Tell me why and don’t be shy, You gain misery what you want… What do you […]